Aimo Katajamäki

Katajamäki is operating extensively across design, architecture and art field, in minimal and maximal scales. 

Katajamäki has his recognizable handwriting; vital, expressive and uncompromising visual expression. His ideas and art come closer to a broader audience in the surfaces and the art work of public spaces. Katajamäki is also a sculptor, who has open-minded worked with different surfaces, materials and processes. 

His most well known international recognition in graphic design has been the Gold Award in Warsaw International Poster Biennale. Katajamäki’s ”Wooden people” sculpture installation is housed in an annex of Finnish Parliament. Aimo Katajamäki received the State Prize for Design 2013 together his wife interior architect Päivi Meuronen.

Katajamäki works in his own design studio Aimonomia Oy.

Thoughts of my design

The graphic designer gives visual form to the message, in order to best reach the mind of the recipient.

I don’t separate applied art from fine art. In my case, they can almost have the same form. My art works are often custom-made, as in the case with my wallpaper or architectural graphic design.

Plainness and definite clearness stems from the tradition of Scandinavian design. On the other hand, a lot of Finnish characteristics can be seen in my graphic design; it is the same archaism like in the old wooden sculptures in the churches, carved with an axe.

Basically graphic works are like dragonflies, living only a moment. Usually the sustainability of visual design shows up after a long time. As an individual designer, I find it quite difficult to pay attention to sustainability in the industrial process of producing graphic design.

Following trends and development in the entire visual field is important for my own graphic work. So is knowledge of the history of visual culture. In my work as a graphic design teacher, I find interacting with the students most interesting. It gives me a chance to see the interests of a new generation.

My strengths are very personal handwriting and the combination of artistic expression and cool design.

Aimo Katajamäki, MA, AGI

Albertinkatu 17 L 1
FI-00120 Helsinki
Tel +358(0)500 876 900